Apr 29, 2009

Don't Judge ... Book.//


7 pictures. one for each word. incredible slideshow

Twitter Magnets .//


Create poems to submit from random words using Twitter Magnets.


Spreadtweet .//


Spreadtweet by @elliottkember

So, you work at a big corporate, huh?
And you're not allowed to use Twitter...
Wouldn't it be awesome if there were a Twitter tool
that looked just like Excel?
Dld link .//

Apr 28, 2009

Influenza Porcina Map .//


This site graphically locates the presence of the H1N1 flu , "influenza porcina" ( gripa porcina) around the world.
It's shocking when you look each day and see how it expands.
H1N1 Swine flu in 2009
Pink markers are suspect
Purple markers are confirmed or probable
Deaths lack a dot in marker

Apr 27, 2009

The Hyde Tube - Online Shortfilms Festival.//


Created by the Paris-based production company Mr. Hyde , The Hyde Tube is a brillian online short films festival.

Apr 25, 2009

Kristal Glam Club ?! .//


Te-ai saturat de casnicie? Cinema Floreasca !
via .//

Apr 24, 2009

Paris At Night Panorama


Lovely Panorama of Paris by Night .//
Sacre Coeur looks simply amazing!

Felice Varini | Victoria and Albert Museum .//


Felice Varini, is not a new name here, but this time he has done again and better than ever.
He has designed the overhaul of the ladies’ toilets off the Grand Entrance hall at the Victoria and Albert Museum (London) in his own 3d style only visible from a vantage point.
The geometric pattern by Swiss artist Felice Varini can only be fully seen through the bathroom's mirror .

Ramm ND Brilliant Packaging .//


This brilliant beer can packaging was designed by Ramm ND, a Russian designer.
You must be really really gay to buy just one of these cans .//

Apr 21, 2009

Meek's 10 Picks .//


1.Acne Jeans - Lavender Chinos
2. J Crew - Straw Trilby Hat
3.Surface to air-three finger
unisex ring
4. David Weisman -
Edie: Girl on Fire" book
5. Nº 1 Fragance - Alexandre Herchcovitch
6. Corpus - Sailor Pant Navy
7. 15minutesof.com's A.Warhol watches
8. Dior Homme Aviators
9. Fred Perry - Contrast Barrel Bag
10. Original Fake Companion Key Chain Toys

Martin Margiela .//


I loooove Martin Margiela's arrow necklace!
Also his site is pretty interesting: a fake under construction theme .
nice ideea !
take a looksy .//

Connect-the-dots tattoes.//


Brilliant Tatoo!

What looks like a series of seemingly random numbers on this woman’s leg turns into a giraffe when the numbers are connected in the proper order.

This is more interesting than the Braile tattoes.

Apr 17, 2009



New York City : 1961 vs. 2009 .//


Inspired by New York Changing and fascinated by the past – how time changes or preserves things , this guy took his grandfather's slides from 1961 and revisited those locations.

Gallery .//

Makita Drills .//


Brilliant advertising from Saatchi & Saatchi agency for Makita, in order to promote the fact that Makita drills are high-precision power tools. They drilled over 20.000 holes into a wall to create a huge black and white image of a Makita drill.

Apr 16, 2009

Gray Worldwide Condom Campaign .//


Wonderful advertising from Gray Worldwide agency for DocMorris Condoms.

Condoms could have saved us from Hitler, Mao, or Ben Laden. :))

Rob Roy, “Fur In My Cap” .//


Really Really SICK video!!!

Apr 15, 2009

Peter Funch .//


Photographer Peter Funch creates incredible clever photos from putting together multiple shots of people from around NYC .

Human Furniture


Spanish based artist and fotographer David Blazquez creates furniture from naked bodies in his art exhibit, 'Human Furniture'. His work is currently on display in Seville, Spain.
David creates beds, bathtubs, dining tables, book shelves, sofas and more, with naked human bodies.

Bucharest, be there!


Club Mushroom , vineri, 17 aprilie, ora 20, 10 ron, lansare Buchawrestlers!
Strada Ion Otetelesanu nr.3 Bucuresti.

Apr 14, 2009

Costa Verde Resort .//


This Costa Verde Resort, situated on the edge of the Manuel Antonio National Park features an incredible hotel suite set inside a 1965 Boeing 727 airplane and a Fairchild C-123 Plane Pub. I also love their motto: "Still more monkies than people. The perfect Destination"

.// .//

Stars sans fards .//


This month's French Elle magazine does something really crazy and unique and presents 8 stars without make-up and without photoshop touch ups. Monica Bellucci, Sophie Marceau, Karin Viard, Charlotte Rampling, Chiara Mastroianni, Ines de la Fressange, Anne Parillaud and Eva Herzigova reveal themselfs as they really are.

Campaña “Dinero” .//


“Money” campaign by chilean art group “El Grifo” stamping in bills, “Warning: money can cause addiction”.