Sep 12, 2009

It’s Raining Michael Jackson Gloves: VMA Promo.//


Brilliant promo for the upcoming VMA’s on MTV.

The tribute will be presented by Janet Jackson this Sunday (the 13th) on MTV.

Xavier Veilhan.//


Each year the Versailles estate hosts an event presenting a famous international artist in its grounds. Last year extravagant American Jeff Koons caused controversy by taking over the Château de Versailles to display his multicoloured works. This year it is the turn of French artist Xavier Veilhan to exhibit his work.

Xavier Veilhan was born in Lyon in 1963. He lives and works in Paris. Xavier Veilhan works in a variety of media such as photography, sculpture, film, painting and installation art.

This is an interview of Xavier Veilhan by Christoph Ecoffet for

Here are some of his most interesting installations at the Versailles estate this year:
The Large Carriage, 2009.
Insolently violet, The Large Carriage is displayed in the court of honor. Here, its familiar form is deformed by a shock wave, a genuine, dazzling trajectory placed on those very cobblestones. In an acceleration, this strange horse-drawn carriage plays on references to photographical analyses of movement done at the end of the 19th century by Marey and Muybridge. As the grand siècle (17th century) rubs shoulders with modernity, the gallop metamorphosizes into a colored and optical force.
The Naked Woman, 2009.
Borrowing this great classic from Art History, here Xavier Veilhan gives us a version of the feminine nude with sparkling metal curves. Does a monument necessarily need to be monumental? Here, like a new standardmeter, the female figure regulates the court’s balance. Its pathetic size in comparison to the architectural ensemble’s affirmation of power acts to normalize; the woman, in her ingenious nudity, regulates the universe of Versailles. While remaining immutable and commanding, she also becomes modern, contemporary and delicate.
The Architects, 2009
Because the famous personalities that have traversed these venerable alleys and perspectives, Xavier Veilhan wanted to add his own personal touch by creating his pantheon of great architects from the past, of whom Claude Parent would be the patriarch. A fulllength, classical-style portrait is thus made of each great architect, using an extremely sophisticated digital scanning technique.

The Architects: Claude Parent, Richard Rogers, Sir Norman Foster, Renzo Piano, Tadao Ando, Jean Nouvel, Anne Lacaton & Jean-Philippe Vassal, Kazuyo Sejima, Philippe Bona & Elisabeth Lemercier

More backstage pictures here .//

Sep 8, 2009

Michael Jackson tribute flash mob .//


Michael Jackson tribute flash mob Bucharest, Romania (Romana Square) 29.08.2009

Sep 7, 2009



Incredible Lightwritting photos made by Jan Wöllert and Jörg Miedza, the brains behind Light Art Performance Photography. The pair from Bremen, Germany, have been working together since 2007 but neither are full-time photographers.
Their work consists in single-shot, long-exposure images manipulated with movement of light. They used a 21.1 megapixel Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera to capture these high-resolution images.

Everything you see here has not undergone any computer enhancement, pure raw pictures as they've came out of the camera.
more on their website .//

Sep 3, 2009

House on the Water .//


Two Polish architects Jedrzej Lewandowski and Lukasz Skirzynski recently presented their proposal for a ‘House on the Water’. The extraordinary design of the self-sufficient two familiy house was a result of research on yacht architecture. “The core is made of concrete and combined with steel cantilever structures. The foundation for the house is a concrete counterweight foot stabilised with the sea bed pile system”, the architects explain.
Eco-friendly features like the water desalination, energy accumulation, ventilation methods, water recycling, heat and energy consumption, tidal and solar energy systems are all there. The ‘House on the Water’ was designed to be sustainable. It is not only the installations, but it’s form and sun orientation.

State-of-the-art homeless shelter .//


This is not a new modern art museum and neither a futuristic Long Island estate. It's.... a homeless shelter in Lewisham, Great Britain. Architect Peter Barber designed the Spring Gardens center as a two-story “linear building with reception areas, double-height arcaded day rooms and training areas all with magnificent views into the garden, together with 40 en-suite rooms, each with its own south facing courtyard.

Sep 1, 2009

Learn Something Everyday.//


An awesome mixture of facts and minimalistic pictures.